Problems or Puzzles?

I was messaging with a friend, an expert on that science of learning and development, a while back. He passed on a story that I really found interesting.

He told me that the famous music producer, Quincy Jones, had said that he didn’t have problems … he had puzzles.

As I thought about it, it really sunk in with me.

That is what life is … a series of puzzles that need to be solved. The better you are at solving whatever puzzles are in front of you right now, will determine when you get to move up to the next level of puzzles.

This applies to your business too.

What are the puzzles that need to be solved in your business to move up to the next level?

Maybe you need to solve the “traffic the converts” puzzle?

Maybe you need to solve the “list building” puzzle?

Maybe you need to solve the “know, like and trust” puzzle?

Maybe you need to solve the “getting your prospects to buy” puzzle?

Whenever you solve the puzzle that you are currently working on, another puzzle will appear. Each puzzle solved takes you closer and closer to your goal.

This is exactly why you have to be  a life-long learner when it comes to personal development, motivation, psychology, business, and technology. You have learned by reading books, watching videos, listening to podcasts, taking courses, working with coaches, as well as trial and error help me to solve puzzles faster. The faster you can solve them, the faster you move toward their next goal.

I do have to say that the absolutely fastest way to solve a puzzle is to find someone who has already solved it and have them do it for you.

When you want a new car, you don’t feel the need to build it yourself from scratch. You didn’t take a course on car assembly and then start to buy all the pieces on Amazon. You went down to a car company that already figured out the puzzle of how to build a car, and you bought one. You paid them to solve the puzzle for you.

However, when people try to start their own online business, they feel like they have to build it all themselves, with no experience. Needless to say, most fail because the learning curve is very steep and it takes time to become good enough at everything to get results. Henry Ford’s first car wouldn’t run.

Why not get the help from someone who has already mastered solving the puzzles. Even better, get them to give you the puzzle already 99% completed.

Find a program that solves the puzzle of trying to build a system that can make a reliable online income. Spend time reading or listening to experts in the areas you are trying to improve. One new idea can make the difference between success and failure. What one skill, if you mastered it, would make the biggest difference in your life? You must become a master of key skills, not merely competent.

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