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I see this new cloud site as a MASSIVE Christmas Present for all of MarketHive, because as Tom has pointed out this cloud is MarketHive's cloud. (Please correct me if I have misunderstood the fundamentals of this change) We're not going to be at the mercy of some giant global Trillion dollar company, but instead have total control over our servers, the updates, upgrades, and do forth. I have only built and maintained a tiny network of about a dozen pc's. But due to the nature of what we did, we were constantly transferring very large data files across the network. The headaches of running that tiny network were huge, so I have IMMENSE respect for the engineering, coding, etc. team, with Doug as the face and guiding rudder for the team.  I am therefore incredibly grateful for the long hours the team is putting in on this new cloud configuration, implementation, etc. At Christmas time we all tend to reflect more on our blessings, but I have seen an incredible work ethic from Tom & Doug – even when they have been sick!  

It is clear that they both don't just 'work' on MarketHive, but rather it lives through them.  They are the heartbeat of MarketHive and they are constantly driving it forward with everything they have. They are 1,000% devoted to bringing MarketHive from birth to official launch, to when MarketHive grows up and is a full grown adult company.  

I hope that every member of MarketHive is able to see everything as I do, because when you are able to look at things through the correct point of view it completely changes how everything looks and is.  Far too often members of companies like MarketHive see hurdles as a major crisis that will destroy the company and the business opportunity that we are all a part of. Members tend to forget that MarketHive is only in "Beta" mode. MarketHive is steadily building, preparing, creating, programming, designing and everything else that goes into bringing MarketHive to where it needs to be in order to get to it's 110% ready to launch point in time.  

Let's all be supportive of the MarketHive team, and at least while still in Beta see how we can help continue to move MarketHive forward.  I'm hoping that everyone will see our membership whether free or upgraded for all that it already is (in Beta), and all it will become in the near future.  

I vote that instead of instantly becoming upset when the site is offline for a few minutes, that we start exercising patience.  Let's be patient after we notify them of an issue with the site, and give them the time to troubleshoot the problem and determine how best to fix it. I have experienced my share of troubleshooting to understand how difficult it is to troubleshoot problems, and equally difficult to find the solution. Doug and the team are on call nearly 24/7 to do that troubleshooting, and I'm saying that we need to treat them as the professionals that they are and to treat them with the respect they deserve. 

Just to be crystal clear, everything in this comment is my own opinion, I was not asked to post it,but rather as I have been reflecting on the trials and blessings in my life I came to realize that I needed to share my perspective with everyone in the hope that it will change the way everyone interacts with the MarketHive team.

William P. Eason

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