5 simple steps for a new you

You want a new you in the new year? Read on.

While creating new habits are a great start, you’ll need a little more.

You’ll need these five personal traits to focus on in the New Year.

My belief is that most people fail because they focus on surface goals. For instance, if I want to lose weight and have an overeating problem, making a resolution to go to the gym will not work. It doesn’t address the underlying issue, overeating.

Or… maybe I decide I’m going to work on my overeating by having a diet instead. But you probably know from experience either with yourself or with a friend a lot of diets never even get off the ground.

Why is that? Again, it’s because a person isn’t going deep enough. They haven’t really changed their mindset, and they haven’t really changed themselves.

Below are the five personal traits that every person must cultivate in order to not just conquer bad habits but also to become a better person.


The ability to see a better future. With any goal, you must be able to understand why you are going where you are going.


The ability to act despite tremendous doubt. Anytime you change something or start something new, it can be scary. It takes courage to say no to ingrained patterns.


The ability to think outside the box and learn from our failures rather than the media or old thinking.

Another important question that creativity spurs is, “How can I do this differently this time?” When we fail, we must find a new angle or approach.



The ability to withstand criticism. Sometimes this criticism comes from other people—and sometimes it comes from that little voice in our head! Either way, you must be able to push forward even when all else is telling you that you’ll fail.


Patience is the ability to delay gratification. There is no quick way. There are no shortcuts. At least, nothing that lasts. Achieving success in anything takes tremendous patience.

Remember, before you can change your physical process, you must first change your mental process.

Happy New Year,


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