Bitcoin all-time highs, strong network activity and more

2021 crypto markets soar to new heights
In the past few weeks bitcoin has broken through all-time high after all-time high. And while 2020 was arguably bitcoin’s best year ever, what does that mean for 2021? Our latest market report covers tough questions like this.
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Summary of what we talked about at the last Market OutlookMarket MovementsBitcoin continues to set new all time highs after closing out 2020 at just under the $29,000 for annual gain of 301%Ethereum lagged bitcoin in December but outperformed bitcoin 2020 (+477%)Asset markets in general had a strong 2020, with stocks (+16%), gold (+24%) and long-dated US treasuries (+16%) all registering double-digit gains on the yearsThe US dollar was one of 2020’s biggest losers, -7% for the yearOn-chain insights: Highlights from the data science teamStrong network activity in DecemberEthereum lagged bitcoin in December but outperformed bitcoin 2020 (+477%)Huge increase in mining revenue should eventually bring more mining hash power, but network security on a market value adjusted basis has recently deterioratedSpotlight on Stellar (XLM)On the back of positive stablecoin regulatory developments and growing use, Stellar’s XLM has increased more than 2x to start 2021We profile what’s new with StellarWhat we’re readingThe latest news from last month featuring articles from Bloomberg, Defiance, Financial Times and The Daily Gwei
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