Would YOu Plat A Slot Machine….

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In Las Vegas where the jackpot was $10,000,000? How much would you be prepared to lose for the chance to win? If you would be happy to spend $30 or more then read on.... Please do not share this publicly, this information may ONLY be shared with your personal contacts in the same way that I am sharing with you! Jackpot! I wouldn't feel good about myself if I didn't share this with you. Whatever decision you make I understand but read this entire email and listen to the recording. I want to make sure that you see this email or it could be the biggest loss of your life. This deal is 3 1/2 years into the making. I got involved just 2 days ago sfter it opened to new members again. Next week, the deal that creates the payouts you see below will close between the seller and the buyer, and history will be made. You need to hear this guy today. MikeG, one of the most respected internet marketers for the last 25 years (you can check him out at www.MikeGReviews.com) and his partner Garry D. (who serves on the Board of Trustees) are facilitating this amazing opportunity. Don't make the mistake of ignoring this email. This is the opportunity of your lifetime. No referring required. 100% pure passive income. This closes in days so don't waste time. Credit cards accepted. Please don't ask me to explain it to you, I listened to this same recording and made a decision to put what I could afford to lose in. This is not for people who are going to risk their cash and complain if they don't win. There is risk involved but the rewards are massive if we hit the jackpot! Unless you can afford to lose and accept the fact that you may lose then stop reading NOW! HUGE UPDATE: I would urge you to Check the Collateralized Group Loan at the bottom of this email for as little as $26! This may be your life changer and it's your choice to decide whether or not it's worth the risk to even get in at this low cost! **Many Members that already Joined MikeG Deal are now also Joining this Group Effort you will see at the bottom of this email. As a Group effort we have negotiated a much higher rate of return making this risk reward a tremendous differences by receiving the same rate as the big boys, by spreading the wealth to everyone equally!! This will only be open for more days or less. If you need to, listen to this twice. Here is the link to one of the recordings that explain: https://iodmail.com/cdupdates/recording-20210630.mp3 Everyone can see today's update and a list of prior updates plus the form to join by clicking here.... www.MikeGUpdates.com If you choose to "play" and will have no regrets.... Make your pledge today!!! Please Put: William P. Eason when asked who referred you. You MUST ACT QUICKLY. You might have the weekend and maybe Monday right up to closing of the deal to do this. It is ENTIRELY your choice and ENTIRELY your responsibility, win, lose, or draw. You will have to weigh the potential rewards and risk and make your own decisions. This is not financial advice nor are we selling you on this. It is simply information which you can act on, or not, as you see fit. If you think it is 'too good to be true'. That is okay. Forget about it. Go back to whatever you are doing. If it makes sense, wager what you can afford to lose without breaking the farm or crying. Don't be greedy and over-extend. Do what feels appropriate. READ ON... A CHANCE TO BENEFIT FROM THE BIGGEST FINANCIAL TRANSACTION IN HISTORY On that point, the first payout for EVERYONE is 500,000 USD to us to properly structure your financial affairs in order to receive the minimum of $12 million (reserve your disbelief for now). So, what is the deal? How can this be possible? Firstly, do you recall that Jeff Bezos recently retired from Amazon to run a NEW 50 Trillion company not yet revealed? Well, that is because the deal is not closed yet and YOU have a chance to be part of it before it closes. In fact, it is the largest financial transaction in history. And, it is about to close after 3+ years of winding roads. YOU WILL GET DAILY UPDATES UNTIL CLOSING OF THE DEAL. The Best Deal is the huge advantage as a group effort on the MikeGDeal. There is a team doing a Group collateralized loan for as little as $26 per spot! Why join the Together We Profit group? * Each position is only $26 (+4% if paying via credit card). * Each position will pay out $10 million. * TWP will pay your corporation fees, $5000 has been allocated per member at this time. Anything above that is payable by the Member. This is with a Company of your choosing. * TWP offers 10% commission on downline payouts. * 1 Member will win the cash value of a Bentley convertible. Our team has earned one so the cash value will be given to a Member. * TWP is looking to help you continue to earn money. We are looking at offering to pay for you to join other vetted opportunities. Total amount per Member "to be determined". * Daily updates. We pass along The Mike G daily update along with any news that it needed to be given to our Members daily. * We have both a Skype group (preferred) and a Facebook group you can join. * Any questions our email is TogetherWeProfitGroup@gmail.com BUY IN IS OPEN: Here is the form. ==>>https://forms.gle/VtxKFdXAbUT96iW77 Payment options as always are listed in the form, they are the same as what is listed below. Yes, NEW Members are welcome. NO limits. I bought several spots :) With this Group include my name William P. Eason as your sponsor. If you are already in, Fantastic! I hope we all become Financially Free!! But if not, well at least you had the fun of playing! God bless, William P.S. If you can dance and be free and not be embarrassed, you can rule the world. ~ Amy Poehler - Actress-Writer-Comedian-