NuGen is committed to providing you with the best crypto trading experience available.

NuGen Coin (symbol NUGEN) is our flagship coin and can be purchased directly from us. View the "Plan" tab at the top of the page to discover the benefits of making a purchase.

We are in the process of opening our own NUGEN EXCHANGE where you can buy and sell or hold for the future increase in the price of the coin. NUGEN will be listed on the exchange along with other major coins such as Bitcoin and many others. NUGEN will also be listed on other exchanges such as Binance.

A NuGen Universe Master Card debit card will be available to our members. You will be able to make purchases with your debit card without any transaction delay,

We provide the BEST CALL CENTER to answer your questions. This is a first in the crypto industry. We are available seven days a week.

The future is secure in that all of our projects and coins are backed and supported with physical assets that we own or control. The NUGEN REALTY COIN already has a portfolio of real estate assets and is in the process of acquiring and developing more.

We are in the process of locating our own manufacturing facilities for the production of long distance batteries to be used in all makes, models and sizes of vehicles. Recharging will not require electricity and will be rapid. Other exciting projects are in the works and these endeavors will be reflected in the NUGEN ENERGY COIN.

We will have other developments in the future. We look forward to your joining our family!

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William P. Eason

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