Its Only 5 Helping People All Over the World


Its Only 5 Helping People All Over the World

My idea of happiness is to money out of the equation. What does that mean? It means to claim the Financial Abundance that is mine. Our birthright entitles us to this abundance but we are not taught that in school. Instead we are taught to work to earning money, get better grades so we can get a better job and make more money. This leads to a mindset that money is happiness. Instead let's change that mindset. How? Through Education which will teach how to handle the Financial Abundance that comes from cycling through the program. Personal Development, which shows us that its not the material things that brings true happiness. It's memories and experiences with our family and friends. These 2 things (Education & Personal Development) properly prepares us for the Financial Abundance coming as we cycle through the program. Having money in itself brings its own problems if we are not prepared. Take advantage of your membership benefits to Educate yourself and develop the skill to properly handle the abundance coming your way. Claiming it doesn't just mean to say the word, it means take action and prepare your self. So that when the money comes it will simply enhance you current happiness.

This is such a good social experiment on many levels, teaching us , patience, trust, empathy, compassion, true sharing. We can’t change others, but we have the capacity to change ourselves and being an influence to others. We are all connected, what we do to others, we are doing to ourselves. On a seed level, I believe we collectively are doing something better for others, and by doing so , we help ourselves. Thinks of others first, put yourself in their shoes. They will always be growing pains with any start ups. Have a little mercy on ones that are trying their best to help you. Let go , and just allow things to happen naturally. Focus on yourself to grow spiritually that’s even more important then money. Take some courses, learn , inspire yourself. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Just do everything with love, you can’t go wron

William P. Eason

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