Top four reasons to buy Verse

Top four reasons to buy Verse

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The Verse token sale is now live at Here are the top four reasons to purchase:

1. The platform already makes some of the most useful products in crypto:

  • The Wallet: With over 35 million self-custody wallets created, the multichain DeFi-ready mobile app features exclusive technology like Shareable Links and best-in-class UX such as Shared Wallets. You can also buy and sell crypto for cash, and trade between thousands of coins.

  • Verse DEX: The mulitchain decentralized exchange enables anyone to trade permissionlessly

  • Merchant Maps has been joined by more than 100,000 merchants around the world.

2. The utility and rewards

Verse unlocks utility and rewards for all of the above, and more:

  • Get rewarded for progressing on your crypto journey. VERSE rewards will act as a powerful mechanism to encourage people to self-custody their crypto and move beyond Bitcoin, where they can benefit from the full range of opportunities available in decentralized finance.

  • Hold enough VERSE to be eligible for the premium version of the Card. The Card will also earn cash back rewards in the form of VERSE.

  • Earn yield on your VERSE through the Verse DEX. The Verse DEX will be integrated directly into the Wallet, opening up DeFi to millions of new people.

  • By participating in the Verse token sale, you will receive an exclusive NFT. The co-founder of blue-chip NFT project Cool Cats, Evan Luza, is advising the Verse NFT project.

3. The tokenomics

The Verse tokenomics are designed to support longevity and growth.

  • Verse is structured as a fair launch: We’ve created a highly publicized multistage token sale where 1. The sale terms are public, and 2. Where the last token sold can have a sale price cheaper than earlier rounds.
  • No long lockups or cliffs: VERSE tokens purchased in the token sale will begin unlocking on day 1, and continue unlocking for 1.5 years. This means that you’ll be able to start claiming tokens immediately, and that 50% of your tokens will be unlocked and ready to claim after 9 months.
  • Buyback and burn: We’ve baked an ongoing deflationary mechanism into Verse where a portion of all the fees generated will be used to buy back and burn VERSE.
  • Community development: The VERSE token will also spearhead initiatives to accelerate growth and innovation through the Verse Development Fund. The fund which draws its resources from the 34% of the token supply that’s dedicated to it, will provide a pipeline of resources for DApps integrating with the ecosystem and incubate token projects through the launchpad service, live in 2023.

4. The name

As one of the most powerful domains in crypto, and with a solid track record, the brand is a major asset:

  • attracts millions of newcomers to the crypto space. For many, Verse will be the first token they hold. This will serve as a powerful way to build loyalty and continue to create a strong and resilient community.

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