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25 Jan 2021
Things in this World are about to get Really Crazy
26 Dec 2020
About Markethive
27 Nov 2020
The road to SCOTUS is not an easy one
15 Aug 2020
Millie Weaver Goes To Jail
13 Jun 2020
Ifthosedayshad not been cut shortnobodywould be savedButfor the sake oftheelectthosedayswill be shortened
25 May 2020
This is why you stand for the National Anthem
24 May 2020
You Shall Not Bear False Witness
03 Apr 2020
The Greatest Entrepreneur with the Weight of the World
03 Apr 2020
The Heroes of this time this plague this judgment
31 Mar 2020
The Interesting Connection Between Passover And The Coronavirus Plague